altek offers complete solutions for mounting Sprayers as well as individual components which can be used universally due to altek’s modular design. We develop and produce our products exclusively and to the highest quality standards in Germany.

Our product strategy consists on focusing on application rate quality achieving therefore the reduction of chemical usage. This benefits not only the end users, but also our environment.

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Pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valves –also called safety valves- applied in sprayers are ensuring a maximum pressure in order to prevent any bursting hoses or components. They are safety- related components.

Altek offers fix adjusted relief valves applicable for various pressure levels. The valve housing with AS40 connectors allows an easy and cost saving assembly process. Due to the big cross section and the aerodynamic housing they can be used for outputs of 400 l/min. For all that, they are very firm and well fitted to the Altek quick-fit system.

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