altek offers complete solutions for mounting Sprayers as well as individual components which can be used universally due to altek’s modular design. We develop and produce our products exclusively and to the highest quality standards in Germany.

Our product strategy consists on focusing on application rate quality achieving therefore the reduction of chemical usage. This benefits not only the end users, but also our environment.

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Mechanical valves

As a leading expert in the field of sprayer altek is constantly using a modular assembly system. Furthermore altek is maintaining excellent relationships to sprayer manufacturers as well as to end users. Both facts together enable us to design our different valve concepts according to the distinct needs and wants of our customers, what implies that retrofits to existing sprayers are technically feasible as well.

altek´s philosophy of a modular assembly system in conjunction with high emphasis on system integration will be maintained in the future.

altek modular system

Since the very beginning altek is using the modular assembly system for its valves and regulators. This assures that all components in our regulator and valve system can be combined with each other. Thereby the main advantage of this system is its flexibility and adaptability to different individual requirements of our customers.

Which product line a distinct component belongs to directly refers to its designation. For instance, a “mechanical shut off valve 36/AS24” belongs to the 24mm product line, whereupon the number after the slash is referring to altek´s plug-in system.

Output Type Technical Information
Mechanical shut off valve 24/AS20 Mechanical shut off valve 24/AS20 PDF
Mechanical shut off valve 36/AS24 Mechanical shut off valve 36/AS24 PDF
Mechanical double valve 36/AS20 Mechanical double valve 36/AS20 PDF
Mechanical constant pressure 36/AS20 Mechanical constant pressure 36/AS20 PDF
Mechanical shut off valve 36/ø25 mm Mechanical shut off valve 36/ø25 mm PDF
Quick-Fit Valve, 2-Way Manual operating Quick-Fit Valve, 2-Way Manual operating PDF
Bypass Bypass PDF
Bypassarmaturen Zubehör und Verbindungselemente Bypassarmaturen Zubehör und Verbindungselemente PDF