altek offers complete solutions for mounting Sprayers as well as individual components which can be used universally due to altek’s modular design. We develop and produce our products exclusively and to the highest quality standards in Germany.

Our product strategy consists on focusing on application rate quality achieving therefore the reduction of chemical usage. This benefits not only the end users, but also our environment.

See for yourself!


Ball regulator SBR500

The NEW smart ball regulator SBR500 puts “YOU IN CONTROL”.
A standard regulator will react to system pressure and flow changes. Our new SBR500 works pro-actively allowing you to predict pressure / flow changes. The integrated brushless motor drive with angle measurement of the ball also allows the regulator to be positioned to ensure the correct flow is sent to the different circuits, for example “Tank cleaning” preventing overpressure in this operations.

This regulator really is Smart!

  • Open / close within 4 seconds
  • Variable turning speed
  • Standard 12V or CAN communication option
  • PCB– unit with integrated angle measure system
  • Fits with altek “Quick fit” plug in system
  • Regulated flow rate up to 500 l/min (132 US/Gal min)

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