altek offers complete solutions for mounting Sprayers as well as individual components which can be used universally due to altek’s modular design. We develop and produce our products exclusively and to the highest quality standards in Germany.

Our product strategy consists on focusing on application rate quality achieving therefore the reduction of chemical usage. This benefits not only the end users, but also our environment.

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Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator devides the total pump output and controls the volume of liquid required for the spray boom. The surplus volume is sent back to the tank as return flow. In this function the regulator is an important component in terms of precise and economic spraying. The electrical regulator 400 from altek has some specific advantages: The housing ports are Altek AS40 connectors. This allows an easy and cost saving assembly process.

Thanks to the altek quick-fit components range functional units can be assembled easily. The aerodynamic feature of the housing cause minimum flow losses Due to the design it is possible to connect pumps with outputs up to 450 l/min. Two motor speeds allow individual application tasks. The piston guide is precise and free of clearance. Thus ensuring the correct application is assured. Micro switches at the end positions avoid any overload or overheating of the DC motor.

Output Type Technical Information
Electrical proportional regulator 400 PDF
Constant pressure regulator 120 Constant pressure regulator 120 PDF
Proportional regulator 200 Proportional regulator 200 PDF
Manual proportional regulator 300 Manual proportional regulator 300 PDF
Proportional regulator 120 Proportional regulator 120 PDF
Constant pressure regulator 200 Constant pressure regulator 200 PDF
Regulator assemblies Regulator assemblies PDF
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