altek offers complete solutions for mounting Sprayers as well as individual components which can be used universally due to altek’s modular design. We develop and produce our products exclusively and to the highest quality standards in Germany.

Our product strategy consists on focusing on application rate quality achieving therefore the reduction of chemical usage. This benefits not only the end users, but also our environment.

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AS20 • AS24 • AS30 • AS40 • AS50

It contains a wide range of possible combinations of plugin fittings, e.g. hose tails, tee pieces, cross pieces and tank fittings. The fittings are connected together using a simple safety pin – the quickest method of connecting when assembling a sprayer fluid system.

Our fittings are compatible with the altek Plug-In System components (pressure regulator, ball valves, control valves, etc.). Their outstanding feature is their excellent strength. We use glass-fibre reinforced POM and FPM gaskets (Viton) for sealing.

  • Push-fit with a secure staple fastening
  • Less production time and costs required in manufacturing
  • Reduced need to use sealing tape / thread fittings
  • Allows assembly workers the flexibility to move the fittings when assembled without any chance of breaking the seal

Output Type Technical Information
Quick-Fit Plug-In System Quick-Fit Plug-In System PDF
Plug-In Fittings AS20 Plug-In Fittings AS20 PDF
Plug-In Fittings AS24 Plug-In Fittings AS24 PDF
Plug-In Fittings AS30 Plug-In Fittings AS30 PDF
Plug-In Fittings AS40 Plug-In Fittings AS40 PDF
Plug-In Fittings tails AS50 Plug-In Fittings tails AS50 PDF