Privacy Policy

Below you will find the Privacy Policy report from Altek GmbH, Boschstr.1, D-72108 Rottenburg, represented by Managing Directors Mr.Erhard Wissler and Mr.Thomas Schwert, based hereinafter altek Headquarters.


  1. altek makes use of the customer data (title, name, address, Email, telephone number, fax number, Bank account) in accordance with the regulations of the German data protection law.
  2. The customer’s personal data will be used solely for the processing of the contracts concluded between the parties, as well as for billings and delivery purposes.
  3. All the accumulated customer personal data is not made available to third parties without the written consent provided by the customer, with the exception of legal or official orders and when needed for the purpose of contract requirements (E.g. delivery to the customer through accredited shipping company)
  4. The customer’s data will be, according to the customer’s preference, immediately deleted once the completion of the contract is fulfilled.
  5. If further customer data or information elimination is desired, a free no charge support is available under the Email address:

This Privacy Policy report is available and retrievable in the main Altek Webpage. For more information regarding the Legal Requirements see Terms and Conditions.