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Boom Section Valve
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Electrical shut off valve 36/AS24 PDF 412288
Elektrisches Abschaltventil 36/ø25 mm PDF 358615
Modular-Fit Valve, 2-way with pressure relief PDF 628689
Modular-Fit Valve, 3-way with pressure relief and constant pressure system PDF 652144
Modular-Fit Valve, 3-way with constant pressure system PDF 842235
Quick-Fit Valve, 2-way PDF 675683
Product Download Size [KB] Site
P70 PDF 534912
P100 PDF 526030
P120 PDF 516510
P150 PDF 549669
P200 PDF 589340
P260 PDF 481563
P300 PDF 761100
P380 PDF 653456
P200/P200 PDF 769352
P500 PDF 630108
P260/P260 PDF 692041
P260/P260/P260 PDF 670522
Working diaphragms PDF 407884
Mounting parts hydraulic drive PDF 810436
Mounting parts pump variation PDF 742646
Nozzle Body Control
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Spray-Stop PDF 502784
Spray-Stop Direct-Control Master PDF 876188
Spray-Stop Direct-Control Single PDF 879972
Multi-Spray Twin PDF 558306
Multi-Spray Quad PDF 871544
Multi-Spray Direct Control Master Twin PDF 735210
Multi-Spray Direct-Control Master Quad PDF 719030
Multi-Spray Direct-Control Single Twin PDF 686290
Multi-Spray Direct-Control Quad PDF 749406
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Smart Nozzle PDF 545100
Electronic Upgrade Kit for sprayers PDF 473167
altek conversion kit MFV for RAU/ Kverneland-Telemat-remote control PDF 630232
altek conversion kit Modular-Fit- Valves (MFV) PDF 693629
Control unit for electrical ball valves PDF 352295
Ball Valves
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Ball valve 5-way, 1¼ ̎ PDF 423288
Electrical 5-way ball valve 1¼” PDF 384325
5-way ball valve 2“ PDF 417056
Electrical 5-way ball valve 2“ PDF 390805
Manually 5-way ball valve 2“, 15 bar PDF 456790
Electrical 5-way ball valve 2“, 15 bar Ball bearing shaft PDF 501405
5-way ball valve 3“ PDF 529417
Electrical 5-way ball valve 3“ PDF 514108
3-way ball valve ø39 mm, bottom feed PDF 517096
Electrical 3-way ball valve ø39 mm bottom feed PDF 428086
Electrical 5-way ball valve 1¼” Smart Series PDF 374960
Electrical 5-way ball valve 2“ Smart Series PDF 410928
Electrical 5-way ball valve 2“, 15 bar Smart Series PDF 489731
Electrical 5-way ball valve 3“ Smart Series PDF 559737
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Pressure filter 260 L PDF 394485
Pressure filter 500 L PDF 407219
Pressure filter insert PDF 224635
Pressure Regulator
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Electrical proportional regulator 400 PDF 346129
Constant pressure regulator 120 PDF 382557
Proportional regulator 200 PDF 387205
Manual proportional regulator 300 PDF 403668
Proportional regulator 120 PDF 399092
Constant pressure regulator 200 PDF 418350
Regulator assemblies PDF 737969
Pressure relief valve
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Pressure relief valve PDF 447534
Mechanical valves
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Mechanical shut off valve 24/AS20 PDF 346918
Mechanical shut off valve 36/AS24 PDF 392753
Mechanical double valve 36/AS20 PDF 399559
Mechanical constant pressure 36/AS20 PDF 403327
Mechanical shut off valve 36/ø25 mm PDF 363411
Quick-Fit Valve, 2-Way Manual operating PDF 598538
Bypass PDF 499280
AS Fittings
Product Download Size [KB] Site
Plug-In Fittings AS20 PDF 659275
Plug-In Fittings AS24 PDF 983191
Plug-In Fittings AS30 PDF 1084750
Plug-In Fittings AS40 PDF 1258028
Plug-In Fittings tails AS50 PDF 810634